Michele Volpato

Data scientist & researcher

Michele Volpato

About Me

I'm a data scientist with experience on research and algorithm design. Although I have little experience with applied data science, I am eager to learn on the job and I can compensate with my problem solving and positive attitude. I am skilled with programming and I have experience with web technologies.

My result oriented approach and my ability to handle pressure help me to meet deadlines. I enjoy working in international teams, accepting and learning from criticism.

At the moment I'm working on machine learning algorithms at Bruxlab BV and I'm writing my PhD thesis.

Work Experience

Data Scientist - Bruxlab BV (Apr 2016 - Today)

Do I grind is a smartphone app that dignoses bruxism.

I am working on the algorithm that is able to recognize tooth grinding sounds from recordings made with your smartphone.

Machine Learning Researcher - Radboud University (Jan 2012 - Jan 2016)

I designed new algorithms for inferring the behaviour of a nondeterministic system, a.k.a. system under learning, by only providing inputs and observing the produced outputs. They do not use statistical information on how the system works, thus there is no need of logs or tracked behaviour. The goal is to derive an approximate model of the system under learning to be used for (regression) testing, creating documentation of the system or understanding legacy systems.

I assisted the teacher of the course on Testing Techniques. For three years I helped with creating and correcting assignments, giving feedback to students and providing exercise lectures. During the latest year I also taught part of the course on active learning.

Technology Consultant - Accenture (Mar 2010 - Dec 2011)

I worked as a technology consultant in one of the main banks in Italy. I also worked in Germany and cooperated remotely with client employees located in non-European countries. The main projects consisted of:

  • supporting the creation of new, international branches;
  • providing the IT department of the bank with reports regarding current and past incidents and problems.
Roles: ITIL Processes Specialist, Information Technology Architect, ETL designer, SAP Business Object designer.

Programmer - Soluzioni Software (2007)

I designed and programmed the output module for the management software produced by the company.

Latest Projects